omni swipe prime apk | omni swipe mod apk | omni swipe apk free download


Omni swipe prime apk | Omni swipe mod apk | Omni swipe apk free download

The description of the Omni Swipe App

Omni Swipe Menu – fast Swipe Menu slippy permits convenient access to your favorite apps, contacts, settings, and incoming notifications with only one hand

Omni Swipe Menu – fast Swipe Menu slippy permits you to simply and handily access your favorite applications, install and think about the messages simply on the screen simply by one straightforward operation with the Omni Swipe Menu – fast Swipe Menu slippy

With the Omni Swipe Menu – fast Swipe Menu slippy, you’ll merely swipe from the underside of the screen to the left or right of the screen, to instantly open a custom layout item circle and hold all of your favorite applications and settings are at your fingertips. in contrast to alternative accessibility tools, the Swipe Menu – fast Swipe Menu slippy remains hidden till you swipe it to look at the applications you’re victimization.

Woohoo! we have a tendency to acknowledge that the Swipe Menu – fast Swipe Menu slippy is one in all the foremost helpful applications in Google’s tool list.

You must not hold your movable in your hand! Take one hand and do alternative things! With the Swipe Menu – fast Swipe Menu slippy, you’ll just do concerning something with only one bit and swipe up.

To use, simply swipe from your screen’s bottom-left or right corner on any screen to instantly open a customizable radial menu that keeps what’s vital and most helpful to you usually among a thumb’s reach.


★ Unobtrusive: Omni Swipe solely seems after you wish it to, and disappears once you’re done, ne’er covering or cluttering up your stunning desktop.

★ Intelligent: Swipe smartly anticipates and organizes your apps primarily based upon importance and your past usage behavior.

★ Interact: Get your latest notifications while not having to swipe down the notification bar, and keep your most significant contacts additionally as their numerous contact ways convenient.

★ Lightweight: Swipe is tiny at simply 1MB+ giant, and optimized to supply a clean and sleek user expertise.

★ Favorites: Add and organize up to nine of your favorite apps to continuously be among your reach.

★ Toolbox: customize that commonly-used shortcuts and switches may be accessed with one swipe. simply switch on/off your electric lamp, wifi, rotation lock or change your screen’s brightness. Keep your automaton quick and responsive with the memory-cleaning speed-boosting “Booster” tool!

★ Themes: Omni Swipe includes a spread of colorful themes to match your desktop or temperament, with exciting new themes returning soon!


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