What is Tweetbot?
Tweetbot is an honor winning, full-featured* Twitter client for the Mac. It has a magnificent spot of correspondence with light and frail subjects, different section backing and widely more.

Twitter doesn’t permit distant applications enrollment to every single part that is open on Twitter’s site.

Recognizable Features:

Expandable Sidebar.
Tweetbot’s new optional broadened sidebar gives a solitary tick selection to every one of your subsections like records, direct message conversations, and saved look.
Chipped away at Columns.
Portions have been redesignd beginning from the earliest stage to be speedier and less testing to use. Just drag the part circle to the choice to add pieces and back to the side to hide them. Segments persist regardless, when hid away.
Better Media.
Regularly play accounts and GIFs in your plan with a quick mouseover. A tick on media opens it up in our lightning quick new media watcher.
Dull Theme.
Your eyes will see the worth in the new dull subject in low light conditions. Also, the photos and video in your schedule will see the worth in the extra thought.
Course of occasions Filters.
The solid course of occasions channels from Tweetbot for iOS are finally on the Mac. Promptly channel a plan to show basically tweets with media, retweets, affiliation centers, or make your own disposition or rules-based channels.
Calm Filters.
Cover Tweets in your game plans by unambiguous clients, watchwords, hashtags, or even the client that appropriated the Tweet. Make limited time stations to avoid spoilers for pushing toward blockbuster movies or games.
Full assistance for managing your Twitter records. Use them as phenomenally planned plans or even as your principal course of occasions.
iCloud Sync.
Tweetbot for Mac changes your read position and by and large more with Tweetbot for iOS so your experience is trustworthy while changing from workspace to versatile as well as the opposite procedure for getting around.
Tweet Topics.
Subjects commonly join various Tweets to helpfully make tweetstorms or live blog events.
Tweetbot 3 for iOS adds new moves up to the renowned Twitter client close by a cool methodology for directing pictures introduced on in your Timeline. Tragically, Tweetbot 3 doesn’t tell you how much people that have followed you, it genuinely doesn’t have a strategy for booking tweets.

Your download will begin in


You can’t plan of time. The application doesn’t furnish you with a framework of new fans or when they follow you.
Twitter clients who could supervise without the impact client should see this particularly cleaned and feature rich decision that makes checking out at your course of occasions fun.
Like every elective Twitter client, Tweetbot’s test isn’t simply to organize with the power Twitter application on iOS, yet a strong plan of twitter decisions that continue to finish the App Store. In any case, Tweetbot 3, even with the minor issues it has, is strong regions for an among the best applications in the solicitation.

Unbelievable plan, smooth controls
What Tweetbot truly does well is give you a phenomenal strategy for inspecting your schedule with a really evened out need to track down a spot with the iOS 7 arrangement. A little tab shows up in the upper right when you have new tweets and shows you how much you have missed. Buttons across the lower some piece of the connection guide coordinate strategies toward quickly jump to your plan, illustrates, and direct messages, and a short period of time later permits you to pick how to use the continue to go two buttons on the right.

Unequivocally when you tap and hold the last two gets, a menu jumps up where you can examine top picks, search, profile, records, blocked clients (slumping on this later) or retweets. I like this part since it awards people to set up whichever they use the most rather than digging around through menus.

The new plan and update for Tweetbot 3 (pictures)
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Exactly when you run over an image in your plan, you can tap it and Tweetbot 3 brings it up full screen, darkening the rest of the quality of coordinated effort. Again to close the image, you can tap it and it does a sort of zoom improvement to get back to your course of occasions or – – for really more messed around – – you can flick it off the screen toward some way. It’s start and end except for an obvious benefit, but it’s unquestionably an ideal and fun method for overseeing pictures instead of just directing you to another page.

Finding people you follow
Exactly when you’re basically looking at your schedule, Tweetbot has rich controls for looking at tweets and performing typical exercises. Right when you contact a tweet in your course of occasions, you get quick controls for favoriting, retweeting and other typical activities. In any case, when you find a tweet you like and need more information, you can swipe to the side to get more nuances, similar to how much top decisions and retweets the post has gotten. You in this manner have buttons across the base for replies, retweets, and top decisions, and a suggestion button that has fundamentally more options.


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