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The iClicker understudy application permits you to address questions utilizing your Android gadget. Tap to reply and get moment criticism. Contrast your vote with the remainder of the class. After class, access the saved iClicker inquiries to read up for a test or test. All information is put away to the cloud so you can get to it anyplace from any devic

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Information protection and security practices might fluctuate in view of your utilization, locale and age The designer gave this data and may refresh it over the long haul.
Bungled. MacMillan has gained notoriety for delivering programming that is obtrusively broken. This application lets me know I’m not in class when I’ve been sitting in class for 10 minutes. Each time an inquiry transforms, it interminably supports and the application should be restarted. In the event that you enter a response, now and again it unendingly cushions and should be restarted. Each time I get into the class page, the “Join” button frequently doesn’t show up briefly or more. I’m a beta analyzer without regard to my grades.

I see lots of surveys whining about association issues, however I have a fresher telephone and never had association or slack issues. This application could SEEM allowed to download, however it’s simply a free preliminary.
IClicker Student App Complaints and User Negative Comments 2022

✓ Try not to educate you regarding membership
They don’t let you know when you download the application that you want a membership, so you don’t understand you can’t utilize the application until your teacher has ALREADY shut the inquiry. So presently I’ve lost focuses in a class I’m now fizzling. Much obliged a lotlatant cash snatch software..

✓ Can’t sign in
It continually tells me im not at the area of my group but rather I am in class. I erase the application and yet again add it, revive my areas, and ensure my areas is on consistently it actually doesn’t work. It’s not very day yet no less than once per week thi… peruse more »Jazz mission 87Version: 5.0.4

✓ It labored for seven days
This application began perfect. I involved it for various classes and it took care of business. Then, at that point, that all departed for good. The application won’t show an open meeting for any of my classes now and it wouldn’t for my whole class despite the fact that the handheld clickers … peruse more

✓ Misuse of Money
This is a plan expected to drain unfortunate undergrads of what cash they have. Given the presence of free applications like TopHat which do exactly the same thing, there is no good reason for dropping such a lot of cash on an iClicker membership. TopHat likely h, truth be told… peruse more

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✓ Not refreshed for greater iPhones.
It’s 2017 and this application is as yet not upgraded for bigger screen iPhones. This should be refreshed asap..ElectOperaVersion: 3.3.0

✓ Horrendous on more established telephones
It works horrendous under tension! I can not have more than one application open for iClicker to work! I’ve missed so many clicker inquiries in class, thus losing cooperation focuses, on the grounds that the application will crash so frequently or take such a long time to transfer the journey… peruse

✓ Simply dreadful
Too costly, simply draining undergrads for cash, and that is most likely the littlest issue. The application tracks your area so the teacher or educator can see where you are the point at which the application is on, as older sibling in 1984. Then the application doesn’t work I… peruse more

✓ Numerous issues that hinder class time
This application is an incredible idea, however on occasion it errors and makes our teacher stop class for understudies to get up to speed. I want to believe that they can fix these issues soon, as understudies need to buy this application that ought to work impeccably fine..TamekimpalaVersion: 6.1.2

✓ Futile application. You going to fizzle on the off chance that you utilize the application!
This application backs you out from the class whenever you go to another application or the telephone screen times out, so you need to reconnect again into the class, which takes time and when it reconnects the inquiry is finished. This application is sooo irritating. Ive fall flat… peruse more

✓ Programming bug can cause iclicker grades to vanish
Since the application doesn’t push information to a server, logging out and logging back in causes application to overwrite existing information with void information making understudies lose the imprints that were recently put away on the gadget. Truly, I would give your devs the midd… peruse more

✓ Great application
Not a terrible application. I simply disdain that I really want to involve it for school.57.1%Version: 5.4.0

✓ Absurdly laggy
For an application that has such a high membership charge, the UI is chafing. Joining a class takes everlastingly and the application crashes constantly. For it to send off appropriately you need to ensure that no other applications are open, which isn’t pr… peruse more

✓ In a real sense horrendous
On the off chance that we need to pay essentially make the application less buggy. Jesus christ.SomemadpersonVersion: 6.1.4

✓ Trash
This application is a wast of time, can’t find your class nor instructor. Complete trash.

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