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Eyecarelive interfaces you with your own eye specialist through the accommodation of telephone or video counsels. Certain eye conditions can be serious. Whether you have Dry eye, red eyes, sensitivity eyes or question about contact focal points, you need to see your own eye care supplier and no obscure specialist who has no data about your clinical history. Eyecarelive associates you with your own primary care physician from the comfort of your home, work or anyplace you might be.


Just sort or record your condition, take pictures or recordings of impacted eyes and send it to your primary care physician who can hit you up in no time and see you on a safe superior quality video.


Eyecarelive additionally gives a few eye tests, for example, Vision Test to assist your primary care physician with understanding your eye conditions.


Dry eye is one of the quickest developing eye illness and can seriously influences individuals way of life. Eyecarelive Dry Eye test is intended to track and screen movement of dry eye illness and your PCP can utilize the outcomes to change treatment plans


Eyecarelive permits specialists of optometry and ophthalmology to do subsequent meet-ups connected with contact focal point issues on the video calls. This might wipe out need for driving down to your PCP’s office and save time.

The amount DOES IT COST?

Your visit on Eyecarelive can be practically free. Eyecarelive specialists generally acknowledge your clinical protection plans. You may likewise pay a money installment relying upon your primary care physician’s inclination. If it’s not too much trouble, check your primary care physician’s profile page for subtleties.


Eyecarelive interfaces you with your own primary care physician from the comfort of home, work or elsewhere. Your PCP can give better consideration when contrasted with any obscure specialist whom you may somehow associate on web.

After a very long time in Silicon Valley dealing with working frameworks and distributed computing, Raj Ramchandani chose to zero in his insight on further developing wellbeing. Presently, he and his group are collaborating with J&J to decentralize eye wellbeing and make significant harmless eye tests accessible to the majority.


Rationalists and writers have referred to the eye as “the window of the spirit.” But ask an optometrist and they’ll let you know they’re considerably more than that; the eyes are a window into your wellbeing. As per the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a far reaching eye test can give early admonition of diabetes, hypertension, Lyme infection, and a few tumors. (The following are 20 astonishing things an eye test can uncover). All of this from a painless test, no radiation or blood draw required.

Here’s where we run into the principal market challenge: insufficient individuals are getting complete eye tests. Might you at any point recollect your last test that went past a dream test for wearing glasses? No? You’re in good company. Around 150 million Americans could have profited from a yearly eye test last year however didn’t get one. Limiting the concentrate somewhat, as per the CDC, 46 million Americans were at high gamble for vision misfortune however didn’t visit an eye specialist last year.

There are two unsurprising explanations behind this absence of eye tests. First: out of the picture and therefore irrelevant. At the point when our teeth hurt or look a piece yellow or are moving out of position, we call the dental specialist. In any case, our eyes pretty much work — until they don’t. There’s been an absence of schooling around the significance of eye wellbeing and subsequently, most of individuals swear off eye tests until they have a noticeable issue.

The subsequent test is cost. A huge number of individuals need health care coverage that covers eye tests which implies they need to pay many dollars using cash on hand. In the event that it’s not earnest, or on the other hand assuming cash’s tight, that test gets pushed off for one more year. The issue is that eye conditions are frequently quiet until they become crises.

Your Preset download will start in

Your Preset download will start in


Regardless of whether an individual realizes they ought to get ordinary eye tests, and regardless of whether they can bear the cost of it, there’s the issue of fundamental access. It can require a long time to cause an arrangement and afterward they to expect patients to remove hours from their typical working day. Once more, on the off chance that you’re not encountering an eye crisis, these strategic migraines may be sufficient to push your eye test off one more year.

Into this hole steps Raj Ramchandani, CEO and Founder of EyeCareLive, who is consolidating new eye test innovation with telemedicine foundation to make extensive eye tests available and reasonable.

In 1996, Raj Ramchandani went from his home in Pune, India, to San Francisco to work at Sun Microsystems. He was placed to chip away at the organization’s working framework, however it wasn’t some time before he took an enterprising diversion. Sun began an aggressive inside hatchery program to develop new businesses with expectations of future-sealing the organization. Ramchandani was tapped to assist with beginning the program, which at last teamed up with more than 4000 new companies from 50 nations. That experience gave him training in each part of tech new businesses, and how Sun’s innovation fit into the situation. He saw firsthand what fixings prompted a break-out progress and what thoughts and groups were ill-fated to fall flat.


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