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– 100+ new food varieties. – 40+ new activities. – Apple Health Sync: Send your calories, macronutrients, weight reduction insights and water tracker history to the Apple Health application. – Macro Statistics: New insights for your protei…
Calorie Counter – E
– added 100 new food sources. – New application symbol. – added 3 gadgets (exercise, calories and water) for the master rendition of the application. – Calorie wave becomes red when day to day calorie limit is surpassed. – plan upgrades..
Calorie Counter –

– New: choices in the calorie estimation for pregnant ladies and wheelchair clients. – New: bound together selector for worldwide estimation units (Settings > Estimate Calories). – New: enter any food weight you like when creati ing another food and the application will deal with the transformation. – New: 40 new food varieties – Improved majestic framework (lbs, ounces ) for our american clients. Warekl – Macros don’t check out ..UPDATE

Can’t sort out some way to decipher macros, the numbers and rates simply accumulate in no manner. The rate wheel shows that one class was around 80% (100 percent of my objective) however the text in that classification shows that I just made 48% of my objective.. The application appears to work pleasantly, the macros on the landing page relate in no manner to the large scale screen and the wheel/outline doesn’t appear to accurately show.. Not certain everything it is saying to me.. The engineer worked with me to determine the issue and it appears to be that there might be a change mistake while utilizing pounds and ounces instead of metric. While utilizing metric, everything fills in as it ought to. Incredible designer support and a spectacular application

I am so glad to find an application that doesn’t share my information that I need to help this engineer without skipping a beat. Value correspondence and plenty of clarifications. Value absence of push to pay and the one time sup pport update as opposed to a membership or promotions

This product is hard to use all along. I attempted the free (and questioned it) and trusted the PRO would be better. It’s not. Getting around to do different things could come in time, however it isn’t natural. Making a decent is compelled to be at 100, so assuming that you are adding, suppose oat, and the case shows that it depends on a 59g serving, you need to recalculate everything to 100g, then, at that point, when you add it to your day, you need to enter 59g to inspire it to work out accurately. You can’t enter the quantity of servings either (on the grounds that it compels you to drop a serving size). It is sometimes all good, sometimes not so good to Editing a food. Assuming you attempt to change something, there is no SAVE button, just another EDIT button, and that could conceivably save the changes. Help yourself out and look somewhere else

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Nadthaly – Nice App

I’m accepting for a moment that I’m utilizing this right. The explanation I picked this application is that it had 5 stars. The application doesn’t examine scanner tags like a large portion of the calorie counting applications. It doesn’t perceive food brand names like the majority of the applications. It t’s nonexclusive and they charge you more than $10 when it says $5.99.

How would you not have a cup estimation?!?
Blu$Music – Foods macros are not preciseThis application has no refreshed food sources it’s exceptionally essential we currently have fish in bundle tea rather than jars and we have Greek yogurt with low sugar fat and carbs we have plant based items I’m truly frantic I spent the $5 however it’s just $5 I will not be utilizing this ap
Ms Liza Mae – Nope

Particularly since putting resources into the genius form. 1. I can’t for the existence of me sort out some way to erase an unplanned section. ‘Gone through every one of the tabs, tapping/clicking/holding the food thing to be erased and nothing h occurs. For what reason is this basic assignment so troublesome??? 2. It is difficult to send an engineer question under Settings, Contact Us. A few attempts have yielded only irritation. The email doesn’t go through after tapping Send; it returns to the past screen and the message has vanished. 3. For what reason are the food sources not recorded by feasts: breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks – like in other applications? 4. It would be great if it could incorporate w/the iPhone wellbeing application

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