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At PreApps, we assist with peopling like you become their application to Millions of downloads and Sales. Throughout the course of recent years, we have helped applications aggregately reach more than 550,000,000 downloads up until this point. I accept we can help you as well.

Gaining application clients takes imaginative reasoning and key preparation. If you have any desire to build up forward momentum that can prompt outstanding development for your application, PreApps can help. Our application specialists will give all your promoting needs at a reasonable cost.

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– Send off Successfully
– Advancement To Millions
– Overall Recognition
– Viral Video Production
– Complete App Store Optimization
– Powerhouse Marketing
– Application Growth Consulting
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30 Newbury St.
Boston, MA 02114
Massachusetts, United States
At the point when Sean Casto strolls across the stage for graduation on May 3, the Northeastern business understudy will walk straight into a self-produced profession.

A sequential business visionary, Casto’s most recent organization, PreApps, is spearheading another model of promoting for the portable application local area that allows designers an opportunity to transcend the surge of the approximately 30,000 new applications raising a ruckus around town every month.

Clients can review impending portable applications, rate them, join as beta analyzers or join a listserv to be informed of any changes – including when a specific application will be delivered through Apple’s App Store or Google Play. The assistance is allowed to use for engineers, despite the fact that they can update for more point by point examination and promoting bundles.

The thought appears to be natural; allow the ideal interest group an opportunity to evaluate a forthcoming application, and thusly, engineers have a much more clear image of what they need to make the send off a triumph. The idea has even ignited interest from Microsoft, bringing about an organization that will permit Windows 8 application designers to get input from clients before send off.

Portable is the main media outlet that doesn’t gain by pre-send off buzz, Casto said. “For what reason did you watch that film or purchase that telephone that is in your pocket? You did so on the grounds that you watched a trailer, read a survey or your companion informed you concerning it.”He trusts PreApps will make the idea of pre-evaluating impending deliveries an industry standard for versatile applications through “a biological system that blends basic client criticism in with showcasing devices for engineers.”

An application client and designer himself, Casto initially came up with the thought for a pre-send off stage a long time back. He couldn’t send off the organization until Jan. 24, however from that point forward, interest in the help has blast.

Since sending off, the site has highlighted in excess of 250 portable applications. The Boston-based organization’s group of six representatives looks for the most encouraging impending applications, including somewhere in the range of five and 10 new applications every day. The stage’s selective gander at applications not yet available draws great many guests for everyday registrations on the most recent deliveries.
PreApps logo One of the webpage’s greatest examples of overcoming adversity has been Overkill 2, a first-individual shooter game that got more than 250,000 downloads following its send off.

Situated in the Czech Republic, the game’s improvement organization, Craneballs Studios, caught wind of PreApps through a Czech site that covers versatile news. The possibility of a stage to track down beta analyzers and get criticism from gamers was enough for the studio to check the site out, said Daniel Craneballs, the organization’s promoting manager.”The day for kickoff is extraordinarily significant for any game designer,” Craneballs said. Needless excess 2 got north of 500 votes from serious gamers, which is the best gathering you need to reach out to.”

Another engineer who has made progress with the stage is Zhan Ye, a veteran business visionary and one of China’s original game designers. After PreApps staff saw a video for Ye’s impending application, Mr. Runner 2: The Masks, they reached his studio, Zing Games, and brought it onto their site.Casto desires to offer something beyond buzz age for the engineer local area.

make sense of what you do at PreApps?

Sean: I’m the organizer and CEO of PreApps. We’re the main application showcasing organization here in the US, been around for well more than eight years at this point, having worked with north of 3000 applications arrive at over a portion of a billion downloads. We work with new companies to billion-dollar applications. I’m certain you knew all about having the option to arrive at their objectives, whether that is sending off effectively, or perhaps they as of now have 1,000,000 downloads, and I sort out some way to go from 1,000,000 downloads to 10 million downloads, or 10 million to 100 million downloads. We’re ready to help with different various systems and strategies to have the option to achieve that.

Your download will start in


Ben: Very cool. That is positively a noteworthy resume, having worked with a high volume of applications and including a ton of applications that I and a many individuals in our crowd have likely known about and are know about. It seems like you have a strategy or perhaps it’s a model, system, anything that terms you might want to utilize that you apply to help applications become 10X. I accept you’ve pitched that as the 10X App Revenue Model. Would you see any problems with making sense of the fundamental standards behind how that functions?

Sean: Absolutely. Throughout the course of recent years we’ve fostered various different mark projects to have the option to take applications from where you are currently to where you plan to be, whether that is our Skyrocket Download Program or application […] system, however the one that you’re alluding to, is our 10X Revenue Model. Over the past, very nearly 10 years presently, in the wake of dissecting and working with probably the best profoundly beneficial applications, my group and I at our organization PreApps have constructed a demonstrated program that can dramatically build deals and income to an application and we call it the 10X Revenue Model.

Ben: You have a lot of involvement with this space, and I envision that model was based upon examples you’ve gained from having long periods of involvement and aiding applications truly speed up their development. Which explicit encounters, examples, considerations, or ways of thinking that you’ve created throughout the span of your profession drove most straightforwardly to the thoughts behind this system?

Sean: This model purposes the very strategies that billion-dollar applications like Tinder, Angry Birds, and Uber, have consolidated to have the option to create millions in extra income. What we’ve done is we’ve taken apart and broke down those kinds of laid out substances as well as the clients that we worked with to have the option to sort out what works and how to have the option to augment those drives. Our 10X Revenue Model is very four drives to have the option to check out and look at to have the option to amplify those profits.

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