Instructors are the greatest impetuses for any understudy. They move, challenge and inspire understudies to accomplish their true capacity. Because of different elements like time imperatives, work tension and stress, a great deal of instructors have left the calling. The leftover educators are exhausted and worried with brief period to separately concentrate on every understudy. Subsequently, the educational experience has become one-way where the educator takes care of data to the understudies as opposed to establishing an intelligent climate where both can gain from one another. Truth be told, there is a worldwide lack of educators and specialists foresee it will deteriorate before very long. A new report likewise found that portion of all educators leave the calling inside their initial five years because of low compensation, absence of help or another proposition for employment. On the off chance that we don’t take care of business soon, this will become one of the most unfulfilling position on the planet by 2020 where many individuals won’t actually need to be an instructor any longer! At DIGISHA we accept that innovation can give answers for pretty much every issue in training today. To that end we have fostered a man-made intelligence controlled portable application planned explicitly for school guides who need further develop their showing techniques as well as give them instruments they need as effectively as conceivable without investing an excess of energy in it. Understand more

What is DIKSHA?

DIKSHA is a portable learning application for teachers. It is intended to assist them with sorting out information, keep tabs on understudies’ development, direct web-based tests and even send customized pop-up messages to guardians. Educators can utilize DIKSHA to make altered example plans, keep tabs on understudies’ development over the long haul, and get constant input on their instructing techniques.

Why the requirement for DIGISHA?

We as a whole realize that educating is an extremely overbearing calling. In any case, innovation has figured out how to change numerous different enterprises and ventures connected with training. It’s about time we carry these progressions to the field of schooling too. We’ve seen cell phones totally change the manner in which individuals take notes, convey, and even secure new positions. Presently, now is the ideal time to carry those equivalent advantages to the instructive field. There are different justifications for why individuals need to become instructors. Nonetheless, when they really get into the calling, they figure out that it’s not quite as simple as they suspected it would be. 7 out of 10 individuals leave the calling inside their initial five years because of low compensation, absence of help for new instructors, and other bids for employment.

How does DIKSHA help instructors?

– DIKSHA will assist you with dealing with your homeroom all the more effectively. The information about every understudy is accessible at the tip of your fingers. You can undoubtedly make redid illustration plans and keep tabs on their development over the long haul. – DIKSHA can likewise assist you with dealing with your time. A ton of instructors are exhausted and need more chance to independently concentrate on every understudy. – DIKSHA can assist you with sending customized message pop-ups to guardians. You can likewise utilize the application to make a gathering where guardians can cooperate and seek clarification on pressing issues. – The ‘Early Admonition Framework’ in the application can tell you at whatever point an understudy is falling behind in a specific subject or idea. You can then circle back to the understudy and assist them with making up for lost time.

Key Highlights of DIKSHA for Instructors

– A completely intuitive Learning The board Framework (LMS) – The center element of DIKSHA is its Learning The executives Framework. You can make altered illustration plans, keep tabs on understudies’ development over the long run, and get constant input on your instructing techniques. – A library for digital books and recordings – The application likewise has a library where you can store digital books and recordings that you can use for your illustration plans. – A web-based test stage – One more component of DIKSHA is its test stage. You can make online tests and track their outcomes after some time. – A web-based discussion for guardians – The application likewise has a web-based gathering for guardians where they can cooperate with one another and clarify some pressing issues. – Intelligent livelinesss and designs – The application has lots of intuitive activitys and illustrations which make it more captivating for understudies.

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Who is DIGISHA for?

DIKSHA is for instructors who are hoping to change their showing strategies and bring them up to the 21st 100 years. The application is intended to help you oversee and follow your understudies’ advancement over the long run, make tweaked illustration plans, and even send customized pop-up messages to guardians.


Training is an extremely mind boggling process and can be challenging to make due. Innovation has assisted us with improving on many cycles and has demonstrated to be an incredible method for expanding commitment. Also, it has given instructors new devices that permit them to tweak their way to deal with every understudy. DIKSHA is a versatile application intended to assist educators with changing their showing techniques and bring them up to the 21st 100 years.

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