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Welcome to Goodbye Neu, the Super Application that guarantees a conclusive shopping experience. Get tip top offers, praises, and rewards each time you…
• Demand food from BigBasket
• Get a test from 1mg
• Book a stay at an IHCL dwelling
• Buy equipment from Croma
• Demand a supper on Qmin.
• Style up your wardrobe with Goodbye CLiQ and Westside
• Book an excursion on Air Asia

It’s your comprehensive asset for a steady shopping and portion insight. Pay in a brief instant for any of your on-the-web and in-store purchases, administration bills and that’s just the beginning, using Goodbye Pay.

Secure NeuCoins each time you make a purchase, which can be recovered for an identical proportion of INR the accompanying time you shop (1 NeuCoin = ₹1). This commitments you a boundless chance to gain any spot, burn through out of control and lift your venture reserves.

Learn about the latest examples in plan, tech, travel, and food in our modernized magazine – Stories. Make portions, manage your assets, plan your next event, or perhaps just your next dinner – there are packages to examine and experience in the domain of Goodbye Neu. birthday editing

Neu things you can do with Goodbye Pay:
• Merchant checkouts: Make portions across various Goodbye brand applications, locales and in-store using NeuCoins, cards, UPI, and EMI from that point, anything is possible
• QR Installments: Output and pay utilizing the QR code at any dealer of your choice. Be it area stores, theaters, researchers or any store, check each QR code and execute with Goodbye Pay UPI

• All bills in one go: Track and accommodatingly pay your power, adaptable, DTH, and broadband bills, and recharge from that point, anything is possible, in all cases go
• Second portions: Send money to a friend, relative or any of your contacts clearly to their record from your monetary equilibrium, using Goodbye Pay UPI

Very anxious to use my #1 and India’s picture. I went to the application. It’s unprecedented. I love the UI too. There is a little room to breath which I acknowledge will improve with time. I figure a couple of extra organizations will make the application even more really by adding features like illuminating, calling, standard paper, video talks and classes, some news channels, and Instagram-like components too. I know it’s an exorbitant sum to ask. Nonetheless, I figure it will propel more at Atmanirbhar Bharat. I thankful early.

Fair analysis The application looks garish anyway it’s a piece drowsy and we need to work on joining too like the airplane or motels. The current world show is the way to ease. In any case, it’s extraordinary effort still a lot of work and testing is normal as we get bumbles here n there. Long methodology accepting we expecting to match Amazon n others.

Give 4 stars for the substance and the thought. However parts to proceed to match the level of Flipkart/Amazon or even Goodbye click. Speed issues are there, the course is stumbling, and the web searcher doesn’t fill in true to form and puts resources into a chance to reply. Still will keep on including in it as the need might arise to see this ap

The experience could be fantastic. There are heaps of districts where it might be better from client experience and valuable viewpoint. There are issues with stacking different regions, for one event if I tap from the farewell pay to the home portion it flickers while stacking the presentation page, the loader is extraordinarily tremendous and following uses some time, it’s kind of makes annoying. Affiliations could be better. At the point when I’m on the greeting page and expecting I press the back button it clearly leaves the application, not a fair experience.

.mp4/file” style=”stroked” background=”#0596c9″ size=”5″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: cloud-download”]SONG LINK The application is working very languid, when I endeavoured to glance through Patanjali honey, it continues to search for 1 second and from that point on showed a mix-up. No bushel picture on the greeting page. I added lemon to my bushel, but eventually, it shows nothing in the carton. Not extremely straightforward. Endeavour to focus on the amazon Application, ver

This application is mind-blowing when I found out about this application I presented it and started endeavouring all new components anyway the application ought to be revived because.1. As endeavoured to engage UPI yet it’s requiring speculation to check from the bank. 2. At the point when I changed to the narratives screen to see stories and various reels or accounts,

It’s a Terrible experience. For E.g while on the portion page, it started mentioning that I update my contact information and save it to push ahead without fail. Anyway, the most incredibly horrible part is, whether or not you click on save, it won’t save and keep on impelling to save prior to paying. Unsure assuming that the application went thro

Your download will start in

Anguishing! Gets some margin to pile up a thing’s nuances. I had a go at searching for food and immediately mulled over it. I use the Huge bushel application continually and it’s a ton faster. Similarly, this application seems to dislike the SwiftKey console on android.

It is better than whatever I anticipated that it should be. In any case, the client experience needs fundamentally truly refining. I derive the dim establishment is perfect to analyze pictures yet isn’t precisely working to that advantage. The most basic I felt was the place where I was using the Extravagance segment which has a white establishment. Essentially giving the decision could help. Still incredible work Goodbye Group!

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