Do you ever wonder why auto insurance premiums vary depending on the vehicle you drive? Why is it that auto insurance for a brand-new Corvette can cost $1,600 per month but only $90 for an older Buick Regal? Before purchasing any vehicle, you must compare the cost of new versus old car insurance. Before you buy insurance, look at the costs to make sure you don’t fall into a financial trap.

There are three reasons why new cars cost more to insure than older cars. First, the cost of stealing a new, exotic car is much higher than the cost of stealing an older, more common car. This is because the value of the new car is so much higher than the value of the old car. For instance, a new Chevy Impulse is significantly more exorbitant to guarantee than a more seasoned Chevy Fancy. Simply put, replacing a brand-new, high-priced vehicle costs more than replacing an older, lower-priced vehicle.

Second, repairing a new car is much more expensive than fixing an old one. As a result, this fact will also cause your new car insurance premium to go up. For instance, compared to a ten-year-old Chevy Caprice, if a new Chevy Caprice is damaged in an accident, the auto repair shop will charge you significantly more for repairs. Because of these repair costs, your insurer will charge you much higher insurance premiums for a new vehicle than for an older vehicle.

Thirdly, the design and make of your vehicle will also have a significant impact on how much your auto insurance company will charge you for premiums. Using actuarial statistic tables, insurance companies can see how much money has been lost on particular makes and models of cars in the past. They use these tables to determine the future premiums they will charge their customers. These insurance companies can see from statistical tables that people who own sports cars, for example, drive more recklessly than people who own cars of a more typical style and style.

For instance, insurance company statistical tables indicate that sports cars have resulted in more losses for the insurer than average cars. This is due to the fact that the owner of a Corvette will likely drive it faster and with greater risk than the owner of a Toyota Camry. Insurance companies face additional losses as a result of this speed and risk. The insurance company will have to raise premiums for auto insurance as a result of the increased risk and loss.

One more illustration of how the sort and style of vehicle might introduce an insurance agency with more gamble is the rough terrain style vehicles, for example, the Hummer line of vehicles. The performance of these automobiles is intended for use in an off-road setting. They are raised up off the ground more than customary vehicles for underside freedom. They are also able to drive on all four wheels.

The statistical tables demonstrate that these automobiles have caused the insurance company more losses than regular automobiles due to their design capabilities. This is because the people who own these cars will drive them off-road, which is dangerous for both the car and the driver. In point of fact, when the owner of the insured vehicle sustains damage while engaging in risky off-road driving, some insurance companies may prohibit recovery for such damages. Again, the insurance company will raise auto insurance premiums if there is more risk. You need to choose your vehicle wisely now that you know that some makes and models of cars are more expensive to insure than others.

Call your car insurance company and ask your agent for a free quote on car insurance for the kind of vehicle you’re interested in buying, rather than guessing how much it will cost to insure that vehicle. You can get a clear answer to your question about whether you can afford the car and the insurance premiums necessary to protect it from insured losses.

This assessment should not be made after purchasing a vehicle. It will be too late at that point. The best time to make this kind of evaluation is well before you buy a car. You should absolutely be able to pay for both your car and your insurance premiums at the same time. Save money by getting a free auto insurance quote in advance.

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